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Bosshard A., B.R. Reinhard & S. Taylor (eds.) 2009: Guide to Biodiversity and Landscape Quality in Organic Agriculture. IFOAM, Bonn (D). ISBN 978-3-940946-11-9. 185 pp.

“Biodiversity and aesthetic landscape quality have been essential guiding principles in Organic Agriculture since the beginning of the movement. However the realisation of concrete measures and visible effects on farms and fields constitutes a permanent challenge.  This present Guide Book is designed to provide substantial support for farmers and advisers. It presents a variety of working prototypes of different innovations from around the world that are able to substantially enhance biodiversity and sensual landscape quality within the economic and agronomic restrictions of a farm. The intention of each example is to inspire, to motivate and to provide information on how to undertake effective measures which work in favour of biodiversity and landscape quality. To understand how and why the examples work, the chapters explain the most important underlying ecological and agricultural principles, facts and ideas in a comprehensive, easily understandable way. The book covers a representative variety of farm types, climatic conditions, cultivation methods, conservation priorities, habitats and farming traditions. The more that farmers and advisers understand the potential benefits and effectiveness of the various possible actions, the more they will be able to develop their own solutions, visions and concepts in the particular context of their own farm or region. Accordingly, this guide is not merely addressed to those practising Organic Agriculture, but is appropriate for every form of farm and agriculture.”

Preview of the book with table of content, summary and introduction (PDF, 1300 KB).
The complete publication is available via the IFOAM web shop as a download for 24 Euros and as CD for 28 Euros.
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